Tuesday, July 07, 2009

7/7/09 Lunch Out

Today after dropping the boys off at daycamp, I took Katrina in the jogging stroller to Rancho San Antonio for a run. I'd forgotten how much I dislike pushing the stroller while running -- it's distracting, puts your body in a bad position, and it's hard work! And that's on about the flattest route there is at Rancho. I can't believe I used to do this on a regular basis -- with the double stroller.

Still, I was glad I went -- it was a fairly cool morning, and I was happy to be back in one of my favorite places. And I got in about a 6-mile run, a long distance for me these days. Incredibly, I ran into our next-door neighbor at the farm there.

Katrina had a great time, happily chatting the whole time, and very excited about seeing all the bunnies and other wildlife.

After running, I took her to a playgroup that conveniently was meeting at 11am, and right near Rancho -- perfect way to spend 40 minutes before picking up Julian, and all in the same area. I was very ready to go home and relax after picking him up...only to find that our marvelous hard-working cleaners were still at home. The cleaners coming at 10:30 isn't a problem when I'm working, but a serious pain when I need a shower and have children to feed. Dang. I really don't like to get in the cleaners' way, so, into the car again.

But to where? Both kids needed lunch, and I was still in my sweaty running clothes, and I really don't like going to restaurants "just" to eat anyway. A night of relaxation, fine dining, wine, grown-up conversation, sure, but sitting and ordering from a menu and waiting for service, just to cram down a few bits of food? No thanks.

Fortunately we live near the biggest Whole Foods west of Austin, with numerous hot-food bars and places to sit, so I figured I'd wing it there. It worked out surprisingly well: Julian chose some Spanish rice from the Global Cuisine bar, which Katrina ended up eating too, and they both had yogurt. I got to stock up on inexpensive milk and freshen up my produce stash. And, when we got home, my house was clean and I didn't have to launch into waitress duty. This was good!

Katrina, mercifully, took a long, long nap this afternoon -- in fact, I had to work to wake her up at 5:15 to get Gabriel. I had a lot of house stuff to do and chatted with Julian, enjoying his happy tales about sports daycamp (a friend he made, shooting a basketball), but I didn't really devote any time to playing with him.

No matter, he found something to do: his "knitting" basket. He spent hours, no kidding, hours, winding this yarn around this chair, making up some game, then cutting the yarn into little pieces. I really have to give him credit for finding a way to entertain himself happily, for a long long time, with very basic simple materials. He was very proud of his game, even though he couldn't describe it well. Nice to have so much quiet time at home alone without siblings bugging you.

Arghh, not looking like a good evening, the boys are completely ramped up and out of control, hollering "POOOOP!" and laughing hysterically. They've been very hard to rouse in the morning, but early bedtime isn't working either. I need a sedative.


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