Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10/20/09 Monster Mouth


"Mommy, is this a house?"

Sort of....it's a Starbucks, where I treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte.

I was tired. I'd been up late writing, and up early getting kids to school. Most people would say I have to cut out the "up late" part, but for me the real problem is the "up early" part. I slept great, because I went to bed tired and ready to sleep, but not enough, because there's no way around getting up for school.

I've had sleep issues on and off since Katrina was born, but I'm increasingly convinced that what really happened was school and work. I have had no success re-training my body clock. "Just go to bed early" to a hard-wired night person is like telling a chronically cold person "just put on a sweater."

I'm looking forward to when I can take a nap during the day any old time I want, which is when Katrina is old enough to be trustworthy on her own for a while. Better yet, I'm looking forward to when I can sleep as I need to, and don't need a nap. If my day could end at 1am and start at 9am, I'd be right back to my old bursting-with-energy self.

Then again, today I put Katrina in her room for a nap, and she seemed cooperative, then I lay down myself. But she had no intention of napping. I woke up when I heard her voice downstairs, where she was happily playing with a puzzle, chatting and singing, having completely changed her clothes. Good thing I'm not freaked out about matching; she had three different types of stripes going on in her shirt, pants and socks.

Kid-time notwithstanding, maybe someday when they're all grown and out of the house, I'll long for the days when they were here, and the constant fatigue will have faded into distant memory.


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