Friday, October 23, 2009

10/23/09 Fall Festival

Bonne Maman arrived today! Perfect timing; I picked her up from the airport, we went home and had lunch, relaxed a little, then went out to pick up my brood. Gabriel and Julian's school was holding a fall festival, so we spent a little time walking around the various booths at the school.

Julian did great at throwing these football darts -- got 2 out of 4 through the holes (Gabriel missed all 4).

Gabriel did great at these tricycle races, though he got paired with a kindergartner. What kind of race is that? He lapped his opponent and won easily, but it was hardly a fair race.

Katrina was agreeable for about 3 minutes the whole time, during which I luckily took a photo. One tantrum after another, especially while waiting for the tricycle races -- she was furious that she couldn't take one of the tricycles.

Julian was deliberately ruining photos too, but at least Gabriel was cooperative.

I must get a great shot of Bonne Maman with her West Coast grandkids! ('Cause, you know, it just isn't a visit without THE PICTURE!)


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