Saturday, October 24, 2009

10/24/09 Bonne Maman watches BMX

Bonne Maman is here! A picture of our lives would not be complete without a trip to the BMX park. Dave took the boys before lunch, and Mom and I followed with Katrina to watch. I'd never seen Julian ride on the 16" bike here. The bigger bike suits him so well, it's hard to believe he was riding the tiny 12" bike so recently.

Gabriel is getting more and more confident with the bigger hills, and has to work harder to get up them too.

Not quite an endo...

I completely believe they need to test themselves and take chances and learn, so I'd never nix this. Still, that doesn't mean I can't cover my eyes for some of it.

Down is easier, of course.

...or is it? This view would freak me out!

Julian doesn't take this nearly as seriously as Gabriel though.

Katrina was delightful for much of the day, but got into a serious snit before lunch, one that deteriorated into a massive, hour-plus tantrum. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't stay in her room for a nap...but Dave handled the situation. Thank heavens.

Having a great time chatting and cooking with Bonne Maman, as always! But so far been delinquent in getting photos of her with grandkids.


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