Monday, October 26, 2009

10/26/09 Science Museum

Phew, tired tonight, but compulsion drives me. MUUUST POOOOST PHOOO-TOS....

Dropped Katrina off at TLC today, and took advantage of a Staff Learning Day at the boys' school to go to the city and check out this highly regarded science museum.

It has an aquarium, planetarium, rain forest and many other environmental displays. It would take weeks to see it all, but with two little kids in tow, start with the good stuff.

Penguin feeding! Boys loved them.

Some game involving a lit mat. You push images of fruit into a pit trap and hope the "bugs" follow and you catch them. Or you just stomp on the bug images.

Many displays of reptiles and fish.

Some sort of tree snake waiting for fish in the water below.

An eel garden.

We caught a "dive demonstration" in the Phillipines Coral Reef, with a diver answering questions (from the water!), and a fish feeding.

New habitat: rainforest, an enclosed area with water, fish, trees, birds and many beautiful butterflies.

An elevator takes you down under the rainforest, including a transparent tunnel so we could look up at the big fish and turtles. And take some very strangely lit photos.

We were there all told about 3-1/2 hours and saw a tiny fraction of the fascinating attractions. The boys had a great time and really really enjoyed it. And such a glorious day to be around Golden Gate Park too.

Bonne Maman had suggested going here, based on some descriptions she'd read in a paper -- funny how you get to know your own area from visitors!


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