Thursday, October 29, 2009

10/29/09 Chat night

Coffee, cheesecake & company! My favorite 3 C's.

Helps get an increasingly bad taste in my mouth about going to work full-time for the company I've been contracting at. To think, a few months ago I was hesitant when things were normal -- now I'd give anything for it to be like that again, instead of taken over by this new Director wreaking havoc with people's lives. It figures that when he put me on the spot today and asked who my "ideal" was professionally, that I started with Carol, one of the first engineers to leave because of him (and one of the best I've ever worked with, I stand by that). Then when he asked what my weaknesses are, I said that I don't learn quickly. I should have said that my biggest weakness is saying stupid things off the top of my head. Or considering a job working for someone I know I will hate working for.

But, no work tomorrow -- I reserved the day off weeks ago to attend to what is really important: the day before Halloween!


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