Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/27/09 Computer Lab

Julian mentioned he had a computer lab at school recently. He was vague on what it involved, but from what I gathered, it was mostly games and videos and very introductory stuff. A total joke, since most kids are way way WAY beyond the basics on modern computer applications by kindergarten.

Katrina can now type in her password and log in, and with some help, she can bring up TuxPaint, a Mac drawing and painting application. Today she decided to type in the alphabet, discovering that even though "mno" is sung together, they're really three separate letters.

And then she discovered that there's no key for "10," and was delighted when I showed her how to type in 10 with two separate digits.

This reminds me of Gabriel when he was 3-1/2, logging into Dave's computer, bringing up TextEdit, enlarging the font, and then typing in all the names of his preschool classmates.

(June 2005)

Julian never did anything like that, but he was able to navigate TuxPaint's buttons and dialog boxes when he was just 2-1/2.

Good thing they're teaching them about computer videos in school.


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DaVE said...

Amazing how much cleaner my desk was then...

Good to see we're keeping ourselves on the right side of the Digital Divide!