Friday, October 30, 2009

10/30/09 Halloween parades

Good grief. Three separate Halloween parades, parties and events today.

First, Julian's. The school even changed the schedule for the PM kindergartners so that they start school with everyone, so that all kinders would be together for the Halloween events and parade, which completely dominated the day.

Julian's class.

And dominated the school grounds. This is a big deal!

I was intrigued at how into it all the parents are, the majority of whom hail from cultures that don't share this tradition. I guess dressing up in fun costumes has global appeal.

Later in the afternoon, the parade for all the school-agers, or perhaps just grades 1-3 (4th and 5th grade are dismissed later). Gabriel was strangely ambivalent, almost bored, with a blank look on his face and humming absently to himself the whole time.

Gabriel's class.

I wondered how a kid without a costume would feel, but an uncostumed girl in Gabriel's class (next to SpiderMan) said with confidence and humor: "I'm going as a girl with a dog T-shirt!"

The 2nd grade formed a circle and called for all kids with various costume types to come into the center. I was pleased to see that in 2nd grade, witches outnumber princesses.

Next! Preschool performance and parade, though the parade was to a nearby pumpkin patch. I picked up the boys, parked at the pumpkin patch, then we walked to the preschool. This way Katrina would only make one trip, and as part of the parade.

First, the long-anticipated singing. Katrina drives her teachers crazy because she absolutely refuses to participate in circle time and in rehearsals, except for ONE day when she did a total turnaround. At home, she sings the songs constantly, with all the gestures, but not at school.

And, not for the performance either. I know she knows the songs very well, but she refused to sing or gesture.

The little stinker refused pictures during the parade too.

But she didn't catch on to my stealth photographer (Gabriel) in time to hide her face for this one.

There was a common costume theme among my kids' teachers.
Gabriel's teacher.

Julian's teacher.

Katrina's teacher (well, not her regular teacher yet, but a frequent sub and was Julian's pre-K teacher)

Then, about 50 minutes of jumphouse playing for all three, which is what "pumpkin patches" have become. I'm not sure what inflatable play structures have to do with large squash, but, whatever.

Once again, typical personality characteristics emerged. Gabriel stayed on the shark slide the entire time. Katrina stayed in one jumphouse the entire time. Julian moved around, bugging other kids.

The 13 seconds I was able to get them to stay here for a photo shoot was the sum total of time spent with pumpkins at the "patch."

For some reason I'm having trouble raising my Halloween spirit this year -- no pun intended -- but it really is energizing seeing the parades and all the kids together. It's better than the place I'm in, that's for sure.


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