Tuesday, December 08, 2009

12/8/09 Cookie King

No work today, which was oddly stressful. Now that I have interesting work to do, and for such a short unknown time, the interruption of the alternative home/work days is disruptive. (A part-time Tu-W-Th schedule would be ideal!).

Katrina had a great time at the Y today, as she always does. She loves the big-kid Childwatch, since they go outside to a really nice playground -- or on cold days like today, stay inside and paint.

A conflict over candy canes -- but only after homework -- sent Gabriel to the bottom of my list today. When I asked him to put away a milk carton he'd taken out, the foul-mouthed brat retorted, "NO, I am not a maid!" and then attempted to go outside. He came very close to some corporal punishment for that, but instead I sent him to his room for half an hour, just so I didn't have to see him.

Meanwhile, Julian finished his week's worth of homework eagerly and without complaint, in about 15 minutes. He did his daily reading and updated his reading log and was really very cooperative.

It's always hectic when I'm trying to make and serve dinner, which is why this is a popular time for TV kid-parking. I'm still reluctant to open the TV/video door, since around here, state changes are a big challenge. That is, getting them away from the TV could cause more trouble than the TV prevented. But TV did occur to me while the boys were "playing" as I was trying to finish dinner makings tonight. Doesn't seem like much on the video but it's very disruptive and obnoxious when they run through the kitchen!

Actually as loud and irritating as they can be at the time, I have to say, I love watching my "little darlings" after the fact -- their energy and camaraderie; their simple childhood fun. Still, that TV-while-making-dinner thing might have some merit.

After dinner, I squeezed in a little cookie-decorating, as I already had the baked gingerbread cutouts and needed to do something with them! Only Julian joined me, and we had a great time together.

Julian and I also sat together on the island for dinner tonight, so he could share my artichoke. I've tried artichokes on everyone before, but no one liked them, and I decided to make one for myself tonight. He loved it! And I loved discovering a new special thing that just he and I can share together, though when it comes to food, that's actually quite a lot.

As parents, we're not supposed to have favorites, but today it was hard not to.


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