Wednesday, December 09, 2009

12/9/09 Christmas cookies

Today the 2nd grade made gingerbread houses, though the "gingerbread" was really graham crackers. I like the little car Gabriel made out of licorice and lifesavers, parked next to the house.

My rule for things like this is that the kid who brought it home doesn't have to share it, but they can't eat it in front of their siblings. Tonight was no different. Gabriel had a choice: you can have it now with your sister and brother, or wait until later....muuuch later, who knows when....when they're not around. Never once has a child chosen to wait. And so, a rare win for Mom: suckering a kid into volunteering to share with his siblings.

They also got gingerbread men that I'd decorated with Julian yesterday.

They were appreciative of the fun colorful dessert. I love this time of year if nothing else for the color combinations! (I just wish I weren't so overloaded, and that my work situation weren't such a big unknown. That by itself would be OK, but with all the other things to juggle, I feel like I'm behind in everything.)

Julian's being oddly cooperative these days, and even made a funny face upon request for the camera. I can't get enough of this boy's face. Usually it's his mouth that captivates me, but I also love his bright oddly-colored eyes.

A coworker today told me today that she doesn't cook until all leftovers are gone. Now that's a way to run a fridge!


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