Sunday, February 14, 2010

2/14/2010 Mom's Birthday

Been awfully busy! With Mom & Paul here, there's a whole lot of doing...well, not that much actually. But hanging around, cooking, and playing can be very time-consuming anyway. And lots of fun.

Yesterday, believe it or not, our big outing was all (minus Dave, who was at home in bed with a fever) to a Subaru dealer to check out the new Outback. Mom & Paul are considering one, and I'd like a fallback plan for when that tree falls on my car. The kids approved.

(Try as I might, I haven't found the right tree in San Jose to fall on my car yet.)

After the car dealer, we went to Big 5 Sporting Goods, and Papa Paul got all 3 kids baseball mitts!

We played a little in our weed-choked front yard. Our poor boys have almost no experience catching or throwing, but Paul gave them a much-needed lesson.

I sort-of played with Katrina, but she mostly had her own ideas about how to throw, mostly behind her. I'm not much better. Still, we both had a great time. I'd much rather play catch with her than go shopping.

Today we did a little surprise party for Bonne Maman. She's here to celebrate her upcoming 70th birthday next month, so of course a cake and presents were in order. No sense waiting, and this way we have the cake for tomorrow too! With Papa Paul's help, we pulled off the surprise.

The kids had posed for some special birthday photos, which made it into a fridge magnet and onto a card they did for her.

The other big event around here was Gabriel losing his first upper tooth (his 3rd overall). This thing has been hanging by a thread for a few days, so we knew it was coming. French toast did the trick.

This afternoon, some more "catch" was called for. Every boy should play ball with their grandmother -- especially this one. You think you know someone...I had no idea my mother was so good at throwing and catching! But, like her youngest grandchild and youngest granddaughter, she too grew up with two older brothers and played ball a lot as a kid. Even at (almost) age 70, it shows.

The mitts are a HUGE hit, the boys have been playing with them a lot.

Ironically, we've rarely made use of our yards like this, and are doing so just as we're closing on on actually landscaping it. Saturday, Dave and I met with a landscape designer who presented us with a complete plan for the entire property that is fabulous. I am beside myself. We might actually go from being the neighborhood eyesore to being the neighborhood gem. We could potentially get it done by this summer, and then the whole place will go from being a decade-long thorn in my side to a little slice of paradise. As for the baseballs...well, with all this practice, soon they'll outgrow our space and have to move to a real park anyway.

Everybody's off work/school/childcare tomorrow except me, but I'm taking the day anyway -- any time with grandparents here is too precious to spend at work!

And now I must go sprinkle some fairy dust and drop some cash on our whistling, lisping firstborn.


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