Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16/2010 Winter Olympics

I can't believe how much easier our days are when there's no school. Even though Dave and I are both working, and I haven't adjusted to full-time work yet, the lack of lunch-making, homework, and keeping track of a zillion things to sign, send in, and prepare for is a tremendous relief. (The boys are going to the CDC for spring recess "camp," and Katrina goes to TLC Preschool as normal.)

We even had time to watch some TV tonight. The boys asked about watching Winter Olympics, and I said OK, but they had to be completely ready for bed -- bath, brushed teeth, PJs. Julian wasted no time and started his own bath before 7:00 to meet this goal.

He wasn't all business though, there was time for silly bath games.

Julian was first, but all 3 got to watch some hockey (women's, China v. Finland) and men's singles figure skating. Katrina rooted for the red team (China). To my surprise, Gabriel preferred the individual figure skating over hockey. I silently enjoyed the stereotype-contradiction and acted like this is normal life: the men were dancing to music in glitzy costumes, while the women were knocking each other over.

The kids still had to get to bed on time, sort of -- a little later than on a school night, but not too much later since ironically, when there's no school, Dave and I can get to work earlier the next day. But it's nice to have a little leeway, and it was really fun watching hockey and figure skating with them. A nice treat!

In truth, my moment-to-moment life these days consists of my overwhelming, all-consuming, total, mind-boggling joy at the possibility of turning our property from the neighborhood pockmark into a little park. I am thrilled beyond expression at the idea of having our jungle disaster landscaped into a neat little slice of heaven. It's all I can think about, when my descendants allow.

(White blob on left is the garage, white blob at middle top is the house; surrounding green is planned, managed, thought-out plants instead of out-of-control weeds like now.)

I'm in daily contact with the landscape designer asking questions and making adjustments, and we will likely go forward and sign a contract this week. I can barely contain myself, it changes my entire view of living here. No projects are entirely hassle-free, but this seems so much easier than interior remodeling. And the payoff, both in terms of usability and home value, is tremendous.

By this summer, the tremendous thorn in my side that is our huge uncontrollable landscape; this source of relentless consternation, disappointment and pressure, could become my favorite part of living here. I can't wait.


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