Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2/17/2010 Rainbow Girl

It's time to sell Dave's motorcycle trailer. Would you buy this?

It looks so cozy there, nestled among the weeds. Almost hidden, in fact. In a few months, that lush green and pretty yellow will turn to the harsh sharp brown that is most seasons in California.

(But not in this yard. Not this year. Another round of questions for the landscape designer (such as, we weren't planning on irrigating the yard where that trailer is), and we're closing in on a deal.)

Speaking of contrasting colors, today when I picked Katrina up from preschool her teacher asked, "Did she dress herself today?" Yup, like always -- and who are we to argue with an orange-striped shirt (Halloween) with white-and-red striped pants (Christmas). Add in the pretty rainbow silver-sequin-edged tutu, and we have a perfect color storm.

The blue ponytail holder and the clunky white sneakers really makes it. She's almost up to a par with my fashion (non)sense!


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