Monday, February 22, 2010

2/22/2010 Taxes, already?

Can't talk now, trying to catch up on Nebcom, Inc. taxes and forms and things to file and do and record and calculate. What a pain. Since I'm a "real" employee now, I'm going to dissolve Nebcom, Inc. Corporations in California don't go dormant -- they still have to file quarterly forms and pay California taxes -- a minimum of $800 a year -- even if they don't earn one red cent the whole year. Then I have to file corporate taxes, personal taxes, and Dad's taxes very very soon.

I must have something good to say about kids....not Gabriel, let's just fast-forward past his insolent, rude comments. Julian was brimming with new knowledge about Abraham Lincoln today, about how he and George Washington both fought for freedom, how Lincoln was shot while he was watching a play, and countless other things about him. Julian also got the privilege of doing his homework in my office, since Gabriel was pestering him, and Julian wanted to get right to work, undistracted, when he got home today. My serious little scholar.


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