Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2/24/2010 It's started

Not that we had one before, but whatever there was of a lawn is now gone! The rain let up and the landscapers started. Yay!

Still, for once, I have only middling interest in the process and mostly look forward to it being done. That said, Dave chatted briefly with one of the workers, who commented, "we're not tearing up the driveway today." Uhhh--- there is no plan to tear up the driveway! He probably mis-spoke, but still, yikes. I have no room for major mistakes like that. And they're going to happen.

Watching the Winter Olympics is a bit of a challenge....the good stuff starts at 8pm, usually lights-off time. I've been letting the boys stay up until 8:30, but tonight all they could see on NBC was Nordic skiing between the commercials, instead of the flashy slalom between commercials. At least on CNBC they were able to watch commercials between hockey, which satisfied them.

But they probably still stayed up too late. Yet another bedtime fight, all too common. Julian makes some obnoxious provocative sounds, Gabriel climbs down out of his bunk and punches him in the face, right above his eye. Just what is one supposed to do about that?!

Maybe no Olympics for him tomorrow. Bummer, it'll all be past by then.


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