Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/23/2010 The sous-chef

I had some unexpected -- but very very enthusiastic -- help with dinner tonight.

Unfortunately, my dear daughter thinks that all food is icy before it's cooked...and indeed, it was tonight -- my top survival strategy for working-school weeknights is freezer food from TJs. This is a big step above "TV dinners" of yore, but still.

Katrina insisted on sitting at the island tonight, and Gabriel moved to sit next to her. (Usually she's safely across from Dad at the table, with boys at the island at a good pester-free distance.) Big mistake. She gets so distracted she doesn't have dinner, and she makes a huge mess. But they sure do have fun together. (Why is it that it's the **3**-year-old who thinks better of touching tongues?! GEEZ Gabriel!)

These two really do love each other....it's almost like there's some special chemistry between them. Gee, in fact, there is, as they are genetically related. I don't mean to downplay their relationships with Julian -- he's the glue of the family -- but both Gabriel and Katrina experience more of a peer situation with him. You're going to play with your close-in-age sibling partly just because of stage-of-life proximity, but with a broader age difference, you don't get as much closeness for free; your personality alignment will show more. And these two are cut from the same cloth.

They all got to watch a little Winter Olympics tonight too. Frankly, I've been soft with all this TV-watching because, well, it's so much fun to watch Olympics with them.

Though we have a whole living room with a rug, pillows and furniture, to sit on, Katrina's spot of choice was, as usual, right next to a brother. So cute.

She disapproved of a figure skater's fashion choice however, and petulantly pointed out that she should be wearing long sleeves. Sparkles are OK though.

The "skeeting" (skiing) is by far everyone's favorite (the really fast downhill and super G). Now they all know who Lindsay Vonn, Bode Miller and Julia Mancuso are. I wonder what they'll think of real skeeting in a few weeks.


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