Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/25/2010 Work night

I actually have to work tonight. I feel like I'm betraying this computer.

FYI, in general I'm going to be .... well, careful about what I put in this blog about work, as it is a public blog. All workplaces have their pros and cons, and where work fits into my life and how I feel about it is a whole other set of pros and cons. Overall this situation has a trifecta of pros, hard to find in combo: a great manager, great coworkers, and interesting work. Add to that, a full-time full-salaried job as an engineer -- nothing to sniff at in this economy.

No Olympics for kids tonight; too much putzing/rudeness/trouble all around. I can't tell if Gabriel is sincere when he claims he doesn't know how rude it is to answer "OBVIOUSLY!" when I ask him if he's done setting the table. It's actually well within his super-literal self to be irritated at answering a question with a self-evident answer.

Anyway...back to work.


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