Sunday, February 28, 2010

2/28/2010 Hockey Day

We watched the gold-medal Olympics hockey game this afternoon, the big rematch between USA and Canada. I wasn't sure who to root for, since four players on the Canadian roster play for the San Jose Sharks! But Team USA was in blue, Katrina' favorite color, so we rooted for them. It was an exciting game, though I had to go in and out for parts of it. I noticed that the boys lost interest when I wasn't there; seems my feeble ability to describe what's going on is needed.

After the game, Gabriel said again he wants to take hockey lessons, then asked if we could go skating. Ughhh, it was already 3:20 on Sunday, the cleaners are coming tomorrow, and I have a lot of cooking I'd planned to do (something I'm finding does ease the weekday burden). But at 3:40, I thought "what the heck!" and very impulsively gathered the boys and said, "let's go!" We're lucky that there's a skating rink less than 5 minutes from home, and they had a public session open until 4:30. I was in such a hurry I did something very rare for me: I left my camera behind.

We arrived just before 4, and they let us in for free (rentals too!). Cool! It was packed -- I have to guess with figure skaters who weren't concerned about hockey. Even though we only had half an hour, the boys had a GREAT time, to my delight. They both needed some time to warm up, but thank goodness, Julian was all into it this time -- it's always iffy with him -- and Gabriel was more confident and faster than I've ever seen him. I love taking them skating now that I don't have to hold onto them, and guiltily dread the inevitable period when I'll have to hold Katrina until she's off on her own.

Unfortunately the boys were bouncing off the walls and completely out of control when we got back. They were completely energized and being unbearably rude and physical and obnoxious, laughing at me when I told them to quit throwing or whatever undesirable behavior they were engaging in at the moment. They sure did enjoy themselves; half an hour just wasn't long enough to poop them out.

Once again, my working-parent guilt surges back strong. Hockey lessons for Gabriel...easy if I weren't working, though the conflict with Julian's T-ball would still exist. Parent-tot classes with Katrina...she's old enough for that now, and she says she'd like to skate, though I'm not sure she knows what that means.

And then there's the never knowing if we should be doing more with them on the weekends (since I can't during the week), or less (since they get so little time at home). I must remind myself that there's no shortage of guilt sources in parenting, working or not. Still, from this side of the fence where all the grass looks brown, it seems there are more chances to hit it right when you're not working.


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