Friday, March 05, 2010

3/5/2010 History Buff

Julian pulled out a piece of schoolwork today to show me: a "web" of George Washington: pictures of Washington connected to each other, including Mount Vernon and a dollar bill. "George Washington was the only President who never lived in the White House!" Julian informs with his usual eager sincerity.

He must be doing a unit on Presidents at school, because he's full of facts on President Lincoln, too. His respect for me quadrupled when I told him I'd been to Washington D.C., and he asked me again and again if I'd seen the Lincoln Memorial.

I just love how he gets on these learning kicks at school, he's so sincere and real about it. I wish I could take him to Washington D.C. for a weekend while it's still on his radar so it could really sink in. But I know there will be many other things like this.

What's REALLY on my mind today is my mother's birthday -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! SEVENTY, WOW!! My view of age has really changed, between my Mom and my Dad. I used to think 70 was old, but my vigorous mother has completely shattered that image. I used to think 77 was old (my father turns 77 tomorrow), but now I see that my father was robbed. When I see octogenerians shuffling along at Rancho San Antonio, I no longer turn my head and hope I never become that way -- instead I hope I do. I can think of no better way to spend my 80s than walking at one of my favorite places ever. I know my mother will be.

I really hoped to call her tonight with the kids, but it was too crazy and too late when I got them all home. Maybe tomorrow.



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