Thursday, March 04, 2010

3/4/2010 Marrying

Julian announced tonight that there were now two people he would marry, both girls. Then he asked innocently if he could marry two people.

That reminds me of another conversation we had about a week ago, when Julian asked me: "Can two girls marry?" I gave him a slightly side-stepping, but honest, answer, along the lines of: "Marriage is in the heart -- it's when two people love each other and decide they want to be together for the rest of their lives. It means you start a new family together, even if it's just two people."

It came up again tonight, and I answered much the same thing. Julian listened intently with his wide-eyed expression, absorbing it all. Gabriel waited, then said insistently, "SO? What's the ANSWER?" He knew full well I was avoiding something.

I did go on to say that in many places, the government doesn't recognize marriage between two girls ("or two boys?" Julian asked too), but I restated that "marriage" exists between the two (or more) participants and their own families, communities, and churches if they belong. The government isn't on that list, though I recognize I can have that attitude because I can have my marriage recognized by government...I guess I might be annoyed if I couldn't.

Fortunately this conversation got too complex and they dropped it. Just as well, as by this time of day about the most I can handle is, "do fish live in the sea?" That reminds me, I got an earful tonight from Julian about whales, who, according to him, are different from fish because their tail action is up-and-down rather than side-to-side. I'd have said because whales are mammals, but actually, the tail thing is cooler.

Sure wish I knew where all this were coming from, but you know, kids say the darndest things. And I have Julian to prove it.


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