Thursday, February 04, 2010

2/4/2010 Schizo daze

Another torn day. Work itself is interesting and challenging, if in a tense and grim environment. Home is .... well, home, it's like Oz compared to Kansas, filled with life and noise and clamor and energy and trouble. But the most time I get with the kids is the worst time of the day -- right after we all get home and I'm at my busiest. And that's with leaving work at 4:30!

I know I'll adjust...the 3-week rule is always in effect. Give any change a 3-week cycle to get used to, and let the big problems reveal themselves, and tackle those. Today, though each component by itself is good, the combination of everything is overwhelming to a crush point. It seems like all it will take is a dentist's appointment to throw everything off.

And no photos of the kids. That by itself will make this blog worth dropping. If only I could!


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