Saturday, February 06, 2010

2/6/2010 A real Saturday

One thing about my new work schedule: it sure makes Saturday an important day. It was before too, but now Saturdays aren't just for fun. It's when I should catch up on errands and things the house and kids need, laundry, grocery-shopping, cleaning up....if I could that is. This weekend, a lot of that will have to spill over into Sunday too.

Last night (Friday night) the kids were on a sleepover, and Dave and I had a nice grownup dinner -- with wine, dessert, and complete sentences -- a good way to top off a decidedly grownup week. But though my bronchitis bout is nearly over, I was awakened numerous times last night with horrendous coughing fits, forcing me to swig some Tussionex around 5:30am. (That's my super-duper-uber prescription cough medicine.) It knocked the cough flat, but knocked me out too. So much for the rest of the day, despite all its new demands.

At least I got something accomplished today: I took Julian to Target so he could pick out new underpants. That had to do for bonding motherhood moments today too.


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