Monday, April 04, 2011

4/4/2011 Kindergarten girl?

I thought we were past Katrina's "leaking" issues -- she stayed dry for many weeks, but she started the "I forgot" thing last week again. I weakly attributed it to the heat wave we had last week (like 86 degrees?! crazy!!) and playing at the water table at preschool, but she leaked all weekend long too.

Today when I picked her up from preschool, her teacher told me she'd had a full-on accident. Thing is, she doesn't care -- she doesn't even mention it. She walks around with wet smelly pants like it's no big deal. When we talk to her about it, she giggles.

Tonight at home, I was just about to serve dinner when Dave noticed a wet spot on the floor near the table. No food or drink had made it to the table yet, so he immediately checked Katrina -- soaked. She'd just peed all over the floor and just carried on like nothing!!

Well, I sure am glad Dad is back, because he took matters into his own hands. He took her upstairs, made her change, and put away all her dress-up dresses (she was wearing her favorite "ladybug" flamenco dress from Spain at the time, and it's wet), and insisted she wear a Pull-Up the rest of the day. If we had a diaper in the house, I'd make her wear that. I've discovered that the piano seat smells, her carseat smells, and anything she sits on on a regular basis smells. This is a PROBLEM!!

She screamed her head off for over half an hour about wearing the Pull-Up and sitting on the toilet until she peed before dinner, but it was worth it. We're going to talk to her preschool about the feasibility of putting her in the "baby room" for a day, with the other young toddlers who aren't potty-trained yet. The teachers have suggested giving me a real diaper and telling her she will have to wear it next time she leaks or wets her pants. This is not a medical issue, she just doesn't care. (Remind you of anyone???)

Katrina reads at at least a first-grade level, and she writes extremely well too. Her teacher told me she learns very quickly and is blessed with a fertile, vivid imagination. This child has so much potential -- but she can't go to kindergarten peeing her pants all the time!! That's a showstopper!

Well, thank goodness I finally have something real to stress about.


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