Thursday, April 07, 2011

4/7/2011 Migraines?

I got a call from the school this morning. Julian had gone to the office complaining of a headache, and saying it felt like an electrical wire cutting through his head.

He's complained of headaches before, and I'm never sure how severe they are or even how true it is. They certainly hear me complain of headaches a lot, do they even know what it means? But there have been days in which Julian said he had a headache, and was consistent throughout the day, such as genuinely wincing when I accidentally knocked him in the head. His description of the wire cutting through him is all too familiar. Also, the school administrator said that turning off the lights and closing the curtains in the nurse's office made him feel better.

In the end, he was sent back to class, and had a horrible day, not doing his work and disrupting the class. At the CDC, he was hitting other kids again (in play but it's not allowed), and then egregiously shoved Gabriel completely unprovoked. We're not sure how to get through to him!

I doubt his behavior today was related to his morning headache, since his behavior has been a problem for a few weeks now. But I am starting to wonder if he really does get migraines.


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