Sunday, December 30, 2012

12/30/12 Pretty In Pink

Leave it to was such a struggle getting him to get ready for our snow trip this morning, that by the time I got him in the car, I was too frazzled to check on him. He was finally in the car, and sometimes, dealing with a kid like Julian, that's all that the moment.

But at our first stop at actual elevation, I discovered: he hadn't put on a "regular" jacket - he was wearing just a T-shirt and shorts when he strapped himself into the car. Gabriel and Katrina cottoned on to the concept that we were heading to higher elevations and lower temperatures, and donned appropriate gear (sort of) -- but Julian?

The kids all have ski jackets in the "snow bags" along with all their other ski stuff, which is never allowed out of my sight until a chair lift is immiment. But when you're heading to 8000 ft in January, you really need a "regular" jacket.

Fortunately for Julian, I have an entire bag devoted to spares. So when we arrived at our rental in Truckee tonight, with my car thermometer reading 18 degrees, at least we had an extra jacket.

Most people believe the humiliation for a 9yo boy having to wear a pink jacket would resolve his chronic irresponsibility, but I know better.

Thanks to my lack of trust, he does still have his "regular" ski jacket, and will not have to suffer the humiliation of wearing pink on the slopes -- but if somehow that jacket too escapes my rigor, he will have to ski in drag.

We arrived at our rental house in the dark, but that didn't stop the kids from suiting right up and zooming out to play in the deep snow. Ah, I so feel like "I done good" as a mom seeing the kids' delight with simple joys in life like snow. Beaches and sand are a close second, but snow wins.

Nothing like popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie to cap off a long drive and a happy reunion with "SNOW!!" (as Katrina would put it).

Meantime, I have to say: pink is a terrific color on Julian!


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debangel said...

Hey, they say only really secure men wear pink :)

So glad you're having fun!! Mother Nature is very therapeutic :)