Thursday, January 03, 2013

1/3/13 Three Ski

How did I ever get everyone to ski school by 8:00 before?? Seems impossible now.

This morning, I had grand plans to get to Sugarbowl by 9:00am, to get through the rentals and lines in time for a 10:30 group lesson, but no one -- including me -- really wanted to hustle this morning. So instead, I downgraded expectations to a 1:30 afternoon lesson. Even then, it was a real struggle getting everyone out in time, park, get rentals, and to lessons in time. I pulled it off, but it was close.

This time, I found the Level 3 instructor when I dropped Katrina off and implored him: "PLEASE PLEASE, I BEG of you, no magic carpet." The danger in doing this is becoming one of those parents who overstates their childs' ability -- I really truly don't mean to do that, but I just can't bear another day of the bunny hill.

Level 3 at Sugarbowl means poles, a first for Katrina!

(The REAL reason for poles, I realized later, is that there's so much walking to do between lifts, and this reduces the towing the instructors have to do.)

While Julian and Katrina were in group lessons, Gabriel and I skiied together. This week, Sugarbowl is only teaching first-timer and novice lessons for adults. Wah. So, lessonless, we were on our own.

Gabriel took some video of me practicing 360s. Getting there, but far from smooth.

We didn't venture far, sticking to the terrain park and tackling Sugarbowl's two intro black diamonds. One isn't groomed and had developed moguls ("Steamers"), which seem right up my alley, but I learned last year I stink at moguls. Gabriel gave me some advice from a lesson he'd had last year, and he whizzed right down, so I followed suit with trepidation. Such fun that we did it twice more!

Another skiier sprayed me with so much snow it almost knocked me down from my precarious paparazzi spot to film Gabriel going down "Donner's Way." He's looking stronger this year!

I dared myself on three features at the terrain park, including a rainbow box. Like many things in life, they're the most scary getting on and getting off. I'm pretty sure they're really meant for younger people who've never thrown their backs out, because even a short drop makes for a hard landing. Another woman about my age cheered me after I made one of them though!

When I picked up Julian and Katrina from their lessons, I learned that Katrina had made it to the top of Mt Lincoln -- Sugarbowl's highest peak! This time, she was the weakest in her class, and her many beginner tendencies held her back (leaning back, the pizza wedge). But I was delighted that she'd had a great lesson and got some real seasoning under her belt. The lift up Mt Lincoln is a fairly serious one too, with long drops and steep slopes. Good for her!

We all did one last run together on Mt Judah, where I attempted to get photos of all three. Not easy, because Katrina took off so fast that I only got one of them together....and then I could barely catch her! Julian couldn't either -- I was surprised, he truly could not keep up. Just like Gabriel, she just bombed straight down, not bothering with turning or stopping.
(Gabriel complained later about having to stay behind her though :). Only once, just for my photo-op!)

She also aims for little bumps and jumps too.

I miss the freedom of them in all-day ski school, but it seems less necessary than before. I'm OK with two free hours with Gabriel, and it's becoming a lot of fun skiing with all three of them!


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