Saturday, January 05, 2013

1/5/13 sugarbowl day 3

OK, now we're in the groove -- and finally arrived "early" today! Katrina objected to a lesson, but once she's there, she's fine. Besides, her and Julian in lessons mean that it Gabriel and I can go to other places.

(top of Mt Disney)
Don't be impressed; we only went on the shortest, easiest run from there ("Market Street"). I just couldn't get a groove on today. Some days are like that. I had one final good run, but then we had to make our way back to pick up the other two.

After lunch, I dared to take all three of them up to Mt Lincoln, where Julian and Katrina had both been in their lesson today. This isn't actually all that hard, but the panoramic views and dropoffs on both sides are a little freaky. And no green ways down.

And it was crowded. The foremost three in the first photo are the three kids.

After getting down from the very top, Julian led us through some alternate paths.

I was surprised how readily Katrina followed her brothers through the trees!

What's wrong with this picture? Does this kid ever look where he's going?

We made our way back to now-familiar Judah, where Katrina promised me a photo of her on a rainbow box.

(Yes folks, this is the child who three days ago spent the entire day on the magic carpet....ugh!)

At the top of Mt Lincoln....I'd never ever have guessed even last year that we'd all be here!

SOO much fun! Though the kids roll their eyes about these photos now, I know they'll treasure them someday. I certainly do now!


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