Wednesday, January 02, 2013

1/2/13 Ski day Two

Well, we almost didn't go skiing today. Katrina spent the morning posting comments to Facebook, the boys get involved in some game, and I had to work and was still not feeling well at all. But I felt so bad about Katrina not going on any ski lifts yesterday that around noon, we decided to back to Tahoe-Donner, for a "half-day."

I can't really ski if I'm with Katrina, since I have to stick close, help her get back up and put skis on, and lifts are still tricky. But I didn't mind at all, I was determined to make up for yesterday.

I let the boys go on their own, but we ended up meeting up, and spent most of the afternoon riding the lift together and skiing together!

We tried to coordinate hockey stops in which the boys would do their maximum spray on me, which didn't exactly work. But looking at this now shows me how relaxed they both are. Julian needs some seasoning, but he's got some ski style goin' on.

Katrina showed her joy her own way. She was actually humming and singing for some of this!

(That's Julian in the bright green jacket in the beginning.)

Now does this look like a child who belongs on a freakin' magic carpet all day?!

I didn't think Katrina would want to take on this tiny terrain park, so told her she could just ski around the bumps. "NOOOOO" she whined, and I thought that meant she didn't want to ski in there at all. Turns out, "NOOO" meant "I WANT to do the bumps!". She loved this. She's so much braver on the slopes than I think of her of in other parts of her life.

(At the very end I attempt to spray Gabriel with a hockey-stop but there's not much snow.)

At this pretty lame mountain, a half-day, and without the freedom to challenge myself, it turned out to be one of my best ski days ever!


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