Thursday, January 10, 2013

1/10/12 yummm.....

In the old days, cat food was just about going to the grocery store and picking up whatever was there. Nowdays, there's a huge gourmet selection and the accompanying skepticism about PetSmart and Safeway.

So what's a new kitty-mommy to do? I tried Trader Joe's tonight...and found pretty much what I found with the expensive stuff: one cat likes it, another one, eh.

At least my attempt attracted attention...'re cats! Just eat it already!!

Well, turns out, they did. Maybe TJ's is OK after all.


(p.s. despite my hard-core blustering, truth is, I really do want my dear life-saving soul-saving heart-rescue companions and friends to enjoy I'm so glad they did.)

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MommaWriter said...

If you come home one day and find one or more of your kitties missing, you may have to head over here and see if I've stolen them!