Thursday, January 10, 2013

1/9/13 Dress-up

Over 6 years ago, the Title Nine catalog saved me. I was unexpectedly pregnant, feeling horrible, and daunted by the prospect of another baby. But a photo of one of their real-life "models" sitting on a surfboard with an adorable toddler standing on the end of it, made me think, "this could be OK." I almost wrote to Title Nine at the time to tell them how that photo inspired me, and how someday I'd want to be a "real-life" Title Nine model myself!

Fast-forward one wonderful little girl's 6 years old, and she likes to wear dresses. Me....not so much. Like, never.

But somehow, a friend and I got chatting about dresses, and what better source than the Title Nine catalog. Photos like this so work for those of us who can't bear to be restricted by fashion.

I actually want to wear this dress when I look at this picture (hoodie notwithstanding, I don't like those...nor 3/4-length or bell sleeves, too low-cut, wrap-style, V-neck, or empire waistlines -- not that I'm picky or anything). just like some years ago when I saw the woman sitting on the surfboard with the toddler, I thought it might be OK to be her.

I'll reserve judgement until I actually see one of these dresses on my friend, who wears dresses very well....but you know, right now my life is all about making changes, re-evaluating, exploring, finding new sides. Who knows, that might even include wearing a dress once in a while. Between this favorite catalog, my friend, my daughter, and my inspiring mother, that should be enough critical mass to consider it!

But what about shoes....



MommaWriter said...

Yes. What about shoes?? Actually, I almost wore my new T9 dress last night so you could see it, but I was having such a bad hair evening that I thought it just couldn't possibly go over that well!

debangel said...

I've never bought anything out of the Title9 catalog (they're pricey!), but their stuff looks really nice! I'd love that dress in the picture, probably because the woman wearing it looks like she's having so much fun! Reminds me of that old joke where a bunch of young boys buy a box of tampons because they want to go bike riding, swimming...LOL