Friday, January 11, 2013

1/11/13 Hard Work

I think I've worked harder this week than I have in my entire 15-month tenure at my "new" job -- holy cow!

Partly, I was off last week (though did a lot of work remotely), and partly, my most competent and highly trusted coworker was out of the office this week, so casual questions got directed to me. Normally I have at most one, maybe two, customer engagements in a single week -- this week it was five. That included two trips to Emeryville (a suburb of Berkeley and a total traffic nightmare) and pretty much consumed the whole day. Sound like a pain? I loved it.

A salesman at my company asked me how I felt about the pressure, and to my surprise, I answered honestly, "I like it!" I do work better under pressure. And I really like to feel like the work I do matters. I'm not curing cancer or alleviating world hunger or anything, but it is nice to see customers smile and nod and appear enlightened about something we -- and I -- can offer. The trust and faith people give me in my current job is wonderful -- a huge responsibility to be sure, but really a fantastic difference from my prior jobs.

As much fun as I'm having in the grownup world, I'm also very happy to have my kid-world back too today. Errr....what kid-world? They don't care about me -- just the cats!!

Incredibly, all these paws belong to just one animal. Pink pads are the giveaway to Mr. Tough Guy, Doodle.

Katrina invested a lot of time tonight to draw out reticent Mommy Meow-Stache -- with success! This kitty follows me around nonstop when there are no kids around, but she's definitely a one-person-at-a-time animal.

Meantime, uber-relaxed Zorro (who has picked up the nickname "Dude" which has morphed into "Doodle") was just hangin' out on the top bunk with the boys. Gabriel carries him up there, and then he just hangs for hours. This cat can take anything.

A nice juxtaposition of "grownup" and "kid" world -- happy customers, happy cats, happy kids. Just what I need to make me happy!


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