Tuesday, January 08, 2013

1/8/13 The pink dress

A lovely, shiny, colorful, pretty dress from Bonne Maman!

For the record, I had nothing to do with this "outfit" -- not that my own are much better. This photo barely even shows the bright-light-blue Christmas socks -- the final proof of how relaxed I am about fashion choices! Katrina was insistent, clear and focused on her clothes today, picking them last night with no indecision, and carrying through with unwavering clarity this morning. I wouldn't dream of trying to steer her toward a choice that might, oh, I don't know, matched.

Picking battles around her brothers' behavior and rudeness on the other hand.....ugh. I've really had it with their ignoring and defying instructions, rudeness, arguing with basic rules, ignoring consequences...I had a big blowout with both of them tonight, stood my ground and it turned ugly, but it needed to. I really am DONE with being talked to rudely, with condescension and lack of respect -- from everyone in my life. At work, I'm treated with courtesy and respect and kindness, even when there are challenges to my opinions or suggestions. I've HAD it with all else. How did I tolerate anything less for so long?

But right now, let's admire Katrina's wherewithall to dress herself how she feels like it -- I'm all for that!


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MommaWriter said...

So glad she had some black, pink polka-dotta leggings to choose from ; )