Sunday, November 05, 2006

11/5/06 Katrina at one month

One month old today! Already!

This baby is growing so fast I'm not sure what to do. At this rate, she'll outgrow the bassinet before our upstairs is done enough to put the crib in! Weeks ago, a size 1 diaper seemed absurdly huge; now they're essential. I'm digging into 3-6 month sized clothes I'd dismissed as unusable for months yet. It almost seems like she's bumping up against the head support thing in the carseat too.

What a great break for the whole family: a wonderful night and morning! Katrina woke up at midnight, 4am, 6:45am and 10am; nursed and went right back to sleep each time. I stayed in bed until 9am! Better yet, Gabriel got up and colored quietly for two hours, and Julian didn't get up until 8:30am. It was all peace and harmony around here this morning. Ah.

We stopped Gabriel just as he was setting Julian up for a "haircut" today, kid-scissors in hand, ready to snip!

Mom and I took the boys (and girl) to Ortega Park to ride bicycles this afternoon.

This was fun, but wow, I can really appreciate the effort Stacey put in chasing two bicycles and a tricycle when she took her kids and Gabriel! I had to remind Gabriel many times not to get out of sight, and a few times he took off deliberately, instigating Julian to follow.

But for the most part, they rode around happily, together and apart, including setting up a "race" on a horseshoe court. They had such a great time and got in lots of riding.

For this outing, it's essential to have two adults, one to watch the baby and one to keep track of the boys.

Then we stopped for a snack under the big rotunda in this park, a striking and unusual feature. It's a popular place for tai chi groups in the mornings.

Katrina mostly slept through the whole outing, but woke up as the boys were having a snack. And happy! She was very active looking around sitting in my lap, and Bonne Maman's lap also.

And she cooperated for another group photo session, though her brothers weren't quite so good.

I like bicycle outings, I hope we can do lots of them. Though I had to run after the boys a lot, at least I *can* run now!

Bonne Maman flies home tomorrow, wah!


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