Wednesday, November 08, 2006

11/8/2006 Katrina the no-fuss baby

Incredible. We had hours of Happy Baby Fun Time today, or really, time when Katrina sat peacefully in the bouncer or carseat just looking around. She even relaxed when I carried her around as I made dinner one-handed. What a difference a happy baby makes!

Our evening routine is evolving. I nurse her, give her a bath, then she's usually crying tired by then, and I put her to bed. Sort of. It's a process of cycles of calming her with swaddling and pacifier, usually interrupted by some awake time, then she'll relax if I lie down with her, swaddled and pacified. I wish holding her would calm her down, but it never does.

Last night she woke up pretty much every 4 hours, but she was awake for almost an hour starting at about 4:30am -- awake but calm. I can live with that.

It was a peaceful afternoon, if you include hammering, banging and sawing upstairs. Still, that's less racket and a lot more peace than the boys make together (I asked Tonya to keep Julian this afternoon so he'd nap).

I'm still determined to make up for my botched photo sessions of Katrina in the beautiful hand-knit outfit from Bonne Maman. I tried again today, with pretty good results. I'll never get the adorable pose I got the first time, but I got some adorable new ones.

Here's a short boring crummy video of what Katrina does during these photo sessions. If anyone on YouTube bothers viewing this...Anyway, to take pictures, I have to guess when she's going to hold still, and when she's going to make a cute pose. I can't imagine doing this in the old days of film and waiting days, instead of seconds, to see your picture.

Katrina does so many smile faces I really am starting to think they're real. Today she looked right at me, not drowsy at all, and beamed a full-face smile, just as I'd smiled at her. Coincidence? Perhaps, but it was delightful anyway. She does it enough that it will be hard to tell when the smiles become true responsive smiles, which start at about 6 weeks old anyway. And she's almost 5 weeks old now. Already.


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