Thursday, November 09, 2006

11/9/06 The light cube

In an attempt to be an involved and engaging mommy this afternoon, I dug out and assembled a toy Gabriel got for his birthday last year that I'd put away and forgotten about. This is a Lite Brite cube, a plastic cube with a light bulb in the middle and holes you put colored pegs into. It has templates for patterns, with a single letter recommending a color to put in that hole, which Gabriel had no trouble with (even though he'd never heard of V for Violet). The toy also came with a portable version, which Julian played with. A big hit, though I can already see trouble with the zillions of tiny pegs all over the place.

It wasn't easy getting the thing assembled and the boys to clean up enough other junk to bother, especially since this all happened during a Katrina tired-won't-sleep Fuss, but Gabriel really liked it in the end.

Katrina was great today, even with the hour in the afternoon when there was no pleasing her. She was awake throughout Julian's music class, and mostly just looked around and flailed her limbs in response to all the activity. She took a good long deep nap this afternoon, another emerging pattern. We've been having less trouble getting her to sleep after the bath too; I think she almost expects it now. Life with baby is definitely a lot easier and happier when she is too.


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