Tuesday, November 07, 2006

11/7/06 YouTube's newest fan

This morning I checked something quickly on YouTube, then had to go talk to the electrician. Next thing I knew, Julian was surfing YouTube, and found all sorts of little kid-friendly videos! I don't know how he full-screened the videos, nor found a skateboarding one that kept him entertained for nearly half an hour. So much for my high horse about my kids never watching videos!

Another one-wakeup night last night. I could get used to this!

I made it to the Y today, put Julian in the Childwatch, but then had to push a fussy and tired Katrina around a parking lot for 20 minutes until she relaxed and fell asleep. I even tried trotting a little -- boy am I out of shape. It'll be a while before I can really run, not that I ever did.

Katrina often cries when I put her in the carseat. Today, she got some welcome distraction from Julian showing her yesterday's preschool project. Other times, Julian tries playing peek-a-boo. What a sweet brother.

Terrific Halloween photo of me and baby! My friend Lacy is an uber-scrapper and has been honing her photography skills accordingly, and it shows.

Gabriel went on a playdate with Quinton today. Lisa (Quinton's mom) said Gabriel was pretty good, but that Quinton was naughty, trying to instigate trouble with throwing pillows off the couch, making weird sounds and motions in front of Gabriel to bug him, wrestling....GEE, sound familiar?! Naturally, Gabriel doesn't connect that he does exactly the same things.

But, thanks Lisa for a relatively calm afternoon, since Julian took a car-induced nap (transferred to the living-room couch), and I only had to deal with double-boy-duty for about 2 hours.

Which was ample time to catch them jumping on the couch and throwing toys over the fence into our neighbor's yard, and to send Gabriel to his room. I swear it seems that 95% of what I say to the boys are corrections, scoldings, directions, threats, and punishments. Brothers. Could I really have lived with another one?!


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