Monday, November 06, 2006

11/6/06 Bonne Maman goes home

Extra! Extra! Backhoe meets fire hydrant. Geyser on sleepy Parnell Place!

The offending backhoe (part of a repaving crew that has closed our street all week) attempts to quell the water with its bucket.

I doubt the workers were very happy about the picture-taking (or the laughing), but I couldn't resist.

Attempted a quick photo session with a reluctant Katrina to verify that I know what camera setting ruined those adorable photos with her in the hand-knit outfit. It was the ISO AUTO HI mode, which set too high an ISO level and introduced "noise" into the photo. Now I know I can get a good picture...that is, unless baby is unhappy, which she was a lot today. The background of the photo is a beautiful flannel and fleece blanket Bonne Maman made for her.

Bonne Maman flew home today, wah! Such a nice visit, and she got to spend lots of relaxed time with her grandchildren in their home setting. And we got a lot of nice time together too. During the five days, Katrina's outlook on life improved a little bit each day, making everything so much easier for everyone.

Last night took some doing to get baby to sleep at 11:30, but then she didn't wake up until 5:30! And then went right back to sleep after nursing. Yay! But of course I know better than to think this marks a trend.

Today in the car, Gabriel was listening as a campaign ad aired on the radio, and he said, " (something I couldn't make out) for trying to win. I think there's a race!" You got it kid!

(Don't politicians know that the sure-fire way to get elected is to run on a platform of "I don't do automated telephone campaign messages"?)

Much upstairs remodeling progress (new doors arrived and being installed, electrician almost done), but that also means lots of contractors traipsing around the house. I'm so looking forward to having my house back.


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