Sunday, December 17, 2006

12/17/06 Gabriel and Julian go to a motorcycle show

Today was my favorite annual DoD event: the Pancake Breakfast at Reid and Rubye's before the Motorcycle show. I stopped actually going to the moto-show itself many years ago (long before kids), though two years ago, Dave and I got a sitter and went to the show when it was in San Jose.

It's always fun seeing our old friends, especially at Reid and Rubye's darling Menlo Park house. We saw Eric Murray and Laura Lemay there, who apparently hadn't gotten the e-birth announcement about Katrina. They were pretty surprised when we walked in with another baby!

Dave took the boys to the motorcycle show, and spent all day there. They were very good, he said, overall behaving and enjoying it. They got a little punchy at one point and needed to run off some steam outdoors, but since it was a nice day (crisp and cool, but nice), they could do so outdoors between buildings. In retrospect, I almost wish I'd gone with them, but not with the baby.

Both boys fell soundly asleep on the drive home, and Dave put them both in their beds when they got home. He had to wake them up at 6pm, and they were both in good shape. No big fights or blowouts or screaming sessions today!

Meanwhile, I hung out at Reid and Rubye's with Katrina, catching up with friends and showing off my adorable and very agreeable baby. Katrina was in fine form, going right to sleep in the carseat when she needed it, and looking around and smiling at people the other times.

I took her grocery-shopping on the way home, then got her down for a solid nap, and got to take one myself. Good thing, because she had me up twice last night, and I was feeling it. How did I handle being up so, so many times a night when Gabriel was a baby?!

Katrina got an early bath tonight (thanks to a major diaper blowout), before everyone else's dinner, then started to cry after the bath. I put her down, and she went straight to sleep. HMM! I think baby needs an earlier bedtime than I've been giving her! I wonder what that says for the rest of the night and tomorrow morning though...

Only photo I got today was right after our bath, a lousy mirror shot. But the lousy mirror shot doesn't "reflect" (har har) the fact that today was a truly excellent day in Doudna-land.


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