Saturday, December 23, 2006

12/23/06 All I want for Christmas is...

Oh, if only...

Our new kitchen faucet has me on a tear. Suddenly, other aspects of our kitchen that have been nonideal for the past 7 years are now urgent severe irritations (like pot & pan storage). Things that never occurred to me before to be bothered about, bother me now (like spice storage). And things that have always bothered me are intolerable (like our ugly, too-high cabinets).

But I'm caught between very much wanting to remodel, and very much not wanting to remodel at all anymore. The goal of finishing the upstairs by the holidays is far from met.

Here are photos I took today of the boys' room and the baby's room. They'll stay like that until work resumes after the holidays. There's no chance of even assembling the crib or putting things away. Even after the painters are done, there are still numerous details, some little (like knobs) and some big (like bifold doors for the laundry area, carpet for the stairs, a shower door).

At this point, I'm not even sure it'll be done by February.

This morning, we all went to Bobbi's, where Katrina peacefully slept the whole time. She's definitely the most reliable in the mornings.

Then, a quick photo session in front of a fountain at an adjoining nursery with the boys, who were basically pretty good.

Then we all went -- Shopping! For new carpet for the stairs, actually. I have a hankering for an outrageous color, like purple, but Dave is wisely nixing that. We ordered some samples, but the carpet world moves a lot faster than the paint world, so there's no point in ordering the carpet until the painters are done.

The one remaining thing I'm really looking forward to is the stained-glass window we commissioned. That will be the real capper, a nice unique touch that will make the whole thing worthwhile.

One thing for sure: the downstairs remodel will not take as long, and I will be far more decisive and directed about it, and manage the whole project much more tightly than this one. Especially since I won't get pregnant right as it starts!


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