Wednesday, December 20, 2006

12/20/06 Wiggly Katrina

A fairly uneventful day, just as I like it.

Napped with Katrina this morning.

Took Katrina to Supreme Court, put her in the gym daycare where she smiled at everyone while I went to the Power Weights class.

Picked Gabriel up at pre-K, he promptly fell asleep on the living room floor.

Wrapped gifts and prepared to send away, late, AGAIN, while baby asleep.

Early dinner for boys and Dad, boys to bed, baby to bed.

Did a photo session this afternoon, including a few crummy self-times. The zoom on my camera is worthless.

I discovered how to prop her up on pillows for pictures, though by the time I did so, she wasn't really into it anymore.

Katrina's hair was really out of control today. The rooster-mohawk thing started by accident when she was barely 10 days old, but now I sort of do it on purpose. After her bath every night, while her hair is still wet and curly, I give it a quick brush up each side of her head. That's all it takes. It dries that way, sort of, and if it doesn't, running fingers through her hair will do that too. I know it looks funny, but I can't resist.

Also did a camera video to show why it's so hard to get good photos of Katrina, because she's constantly wiggling!

These days, when people ask me how the baby is, instead of rolling my eyes and complaining about how much work a baby is, I smile and say she's delightful. Which is genuine and completely true.


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