Friday, December 22, 2006

12/22/06 A nice Friday

After telling Betsy yesterday that Katrina never just dozes off, she did so this morning in the bouncer. I never see her sleep freestyle, she's always tightly swaddled, so her arms by her head is sort of a cute novelty.

This afternoon, I experimented with my new way of posing a baby, but didn't get any fabulous shots. I tried a few profiles, and this was the best shot I got in the session.

I never get tired of looking at this beautiful and lively baby. She gets tired of it though.

I took Julian and Katrina to the Y this morning, and was surprised to see that a genuine old-fashioned aerobics class had just started. What fun! I haven't done a whole aerobics class in a long, long time. I felt GREAT afterward, energized and optimistic. I can only dream of how incredible I'll feel when I take a dance class again. It's been a year.

We all went out to dinner tonight, a risky undertaking. But though Katrina cried on the way there, she was great while we were there, sitting happily in the carseat for about half of it. The other half, Dave or I held her, and as long as she could look around and see people, she was OK. Not necessarily calm, but very interested in what was going on around her.

This dinner was at Midori, our favorite Japanese restaurant. Julian actually asked for "shooshi," which he ate, and then couldn't get enough butterfish, as well as his usuals: edamame, tofu, miso soup, tempura, rice, gyoza, and pretty much anything we put in front of him. Restaurants have definitely gotten easy with the boys. The baby...well, she did really well tonight.

Gabriel was so excited about starting a gingerbread house this afternoon and helping me with it. I got the pieces "glued" together; now we can decorate it tomorrow. It's so fun doing things like that with him, he throws himself completely into it and is so enthusiastic and cheerful and completely focused. Sometimes out of the blue as we're working together, he'll say, "Come here Mom, I want to give you a kiss." Nothing's sweeter.

Julian had a great time playing at home this morning without Gabriel, then took a nice long nap in the afternoon without incident.

Dave came home early from work, having pushed through some critical things. He took Julian to The Learning Game to pick out a Christmas present for Gabriel, that was fun for them.

As for me, my aerobics-high lasted all day. We all did great today.


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