Monday, December 18, 2006

12/18/06 Julian's birthday party

Today we had a little birthday party for Julian at Tonya's. I made cupcakes and decorated them with "3"s, and brought little party favor bags as well. The kids sat at the table, we sang Happy Birthday, and they all ate their cupcakes.

Julian was the slowest cupcake-eater, apparently savoring it!

Then the kids all lined up on the wall for a photo (that didn't turn out well enough to bother with), and then Julian handed out party favors to everyone. Then he got a birthday present as well. That was it!

Katrina hung out and watched the action. I thought she'd fuss, since she was tired when we arrived, but she was much too interested in what was going on. She has a huge interest and response to what goes on around her, if she's not exhausted. I remember noticing that about the boys too when they were just two months old, and being amazed that a baby that young would notice new things -- but they do. (Why couldn't she have done this at my Las Madres holiday party a few weeks ago?!)

Naturally, Katrina herself was of great interest to the other little girls, especially Sadie.

After Julian's party, I went straight to Supreme Court to catch a conditioning class, where Katrina slept the whole time in the gym daycare. Yay!

Katrina gets comments more and more these days about how smiley and interactive she is. Indeed, she's become downright outgoing and friendly, smiling easily and frequently, and making the most adorable sounds as though she's really trying to talk. She'll do this with me for 20 minutes at a time, and does it with anyone who looks closely at her. It's delightful. No one is more thrilled by her broad smiles than her brothers.

Minor crisis: our kitchen faucet broke, again. Dave replaced the spray hose thing less than a year ago, and it broke again. Though we don't want to put one cent into our hideous kitchen, the reality is that we have to live with it for at least a few more years. So, he got a much better faucet from Lowe's, but when he tried to shut the water off to install it, the cheap plastic valve broke. Plumber tomorrow, first thing!

Third night in a row of Katrina waking me up twice. At least she goes right back to sleep after nursing!


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