Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4/10/07 Pinkeye attack!

Yesterday afternoon, Julian's right eye developed signs of pinkeye, so I put drops in his eyes right away. This morning, they were a little red, but not goopy.

But, Gabriel's eye looked a little suspicious, so I proactively put drops in his eyes too. He objected, saying it was going to hurt, and I promised him it'd sting for only a moment. I encouraged him by saying, "I know you can do this, you're a brave boy," and he answered funny kid comment of the day: "I'm not brave enough!"

Gabriel looked OK enough to go to pre-K today, but this afternoon, his eye turned awful -- swollen, red, goopy, itchy. No school for him tomorrow. Julian's eyes haven't gooped since yesterday, but they're still a little bloodshot. Katrina...clear so far (her brothers got stern lectures not to touch her). I'm not sure what to do tomorrow....Julian has his last skating class. Can I count on Gabriel to behave himself for an hour at the ice rink while I skate with Julian?

Gabriel went to see the audiologist today. Diagnosis: fluid in his ears, causing hearing loss in his right ear, with the left ear at the low end of normal. Nerve function is normal. When the pediatricians get the report, we'll talk about treatment.

Another funny kid comment of the day: This morning, Dave made toast for himself and the boys out of leftover bread from last night, of which there were 3 pieces. He said, "3 people wanted toast and we had 3 pieces. I call that fortunate." To which Julian answered, "I call it bread!"

Katrina and Julian and I went to the park today and hung out with friends.

She's getting better at sitting up!

Later, she sat quite well on her own on the couch, as the back helped support her. Yay, I love the sitting-up phase!

And, she did great eating yams tonight, though it took the removal of distraction #1 and distraction #2 for it to happen. I swear, she likes making them laugh, and gets all excited and giggly -- if I didn't know better, I'd say she's putting on a little show! Finally, with brothers removed, then she opened her mouth, sucked the yams off the spoon, and pretty much finished the bowl. Good going baby!

The boys set up a perfect symmetric little picnic today on the rear deck, down to the footstools, to enjoy their afternoon snack of strawberries.

Today I caught a few minutes of A Baby Story on TLC. A pregnant mom with a 2-year-old girl said that with this second pregnancy, she didn't put on as much weight and the baby is kicking a whole lot more....so she thinks it must be a boy. That's amusing, 'cause those two things were true of my pregnancy with Katrina.

Migraine still in full force today, though finally showing signs of waning tonight. It's really devastating -- not just the intense pain and pressure, but how long it lasts. The agony is bad for a few hours, but, typically of migraines, it goes on for days. It kept me from sleeping last night until 2:30am, at which point I got up for Katrina anyway, then I took 1/3 of an Ambien, this time without much angst. It allowed me 3-1/2 hours of sleep before Katrina woke up for the day. Meantime, I had nightmares about going to the park and having convulsions or some sort of freaking-out episode and humiliating myself and terrifying my kids. I seriously start to feel like I'm losing my mind. Certainly it makes me negative and bitter, if yesterday's writings are any indication. And my migraines aren't even that bad, compared to other sufferers who are bedridden for days! What possible evolutionary benefit could this miswiring have?!

Funny how you don't remember, or even know, basic things about your own childhood. Somehow in conversation today with my mother, I learned that I missed most of kindergarten! I'd always assumed I'd attended P.S. 29 for kindergarten, with a Montessori school in there for a few weeks during a teacher's strike. The truth is, I attended P.S. 29 for only a week or two, then there was a long strike, and my mother finally put me into a Montessori school for only 2 or 3 months, which is where I learned how to read. Yet somehow I made it through school (I was never a star student but I wouldn't attribute that to my kindergarten lapse). It certainly puts a new perspective on all the emphasis placed on early schooling: important, but only one of many, many elements that go into a lifetime of learning.

First things first though. Let's get the sitting up down pat!


p.s. heyyy, blogger forced me to upgrade to the new version. I wonder what new bugs will appear now? (Speaking of bugs, it absolutely appalls me that for the 3rd year in a row, TurboTax has the same old bug that when you save a tax return to a PDF file, it sometimes says "there are errors in the return, are you sure you want to continue printing?" -- even if TurboTax itself says there are no errors in the return at all. How do these bugs get past basic QA so many years in a row?! I shudder to imagine what other bugs there are.)

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