Sunday, April 08, 2007

4/8/07 Easter Day!

What started off as a very nice day with a yummy brunch and easter egg hunt with the White family was turned into a black, horrible afternoon of one of the worst migraines I've had in months. In retrospect it's been coming for a few days (excessive sleepiness, "normal" headaches at night), and was starting to bother me this morning, but slammed hard this afternoon and continues to pound me as I type. So I'll cut this short for once. Really!

Katrina, incredibly, woke up only once last night, and waited until a respectable 4am. Then good morning and afternoon naps, about 2 hours each. And then went to bed on the early side for her (7:30). Thank you Baby! (Being so cute today wearing a lovely outfit that was once Gina's probably wore her out.)

....oh but I have to add one more Katrina note: day 4 of "solid" food, and she totally gets it now! She opens her mouth for it, and is quickly learning to "chew" and swallow. In fact, the last 3 times (out of a total of 5), she's finished everything. I pump a little to mix with cereal, but she's already outpaced my ability (well, willingness) to pump for each of her meals. I cooked some yam for her tonight, tomorrow, it's veggies!

If there is a tomorrow....maybe the world will cave in around me and spare me this brutal, crushing headache.


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