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4/7/07 The Big Bunny Fun Run

I did it!!

I finished the Big Bunny Fun Run, my first 5K race! And ran the whole way!!

I had a major advantage: Sonia, a 2004 & 2006 Mom who's a serious runner and who's been giving me advice all week. I figured I'd see how far I'd get running behind her, and ended up drafting her the whole way. I didn't want her to feel like she had to pace down on my account, so figured I'd just stay in a "zone" (mental and physical) behind her.

Good call. Sonia's so experienced that she runs a good, even pace, and knows how to deal with the jogging stroller. Of course, she was barely out of breath, chatting with her son, while I was panting heavily behind her, hoping to stick it out just a little longer.

Then I realized we were getting close to the end! So I sped up and revealed myself to Sonia, then asked if she sprints the finishes. She said no, but sweetly and supportively suggested I do if I wanted to. I wasn't sure, but she was so encouraging I decided to try! A tactical mistake, as it was too far from the finish and much too long a sprint for me, but I made it!

It was actually harder than I expected. I am so not a runner! My whole body feels the effort now, and not really in a good way. I love exertion and effort, but the muscle stiffening I get from running makes the dancer in me cringe. Perhaps if I'm going to continue finding my inner athlete, I have to start swimming again. It gets me thinking about mini-triathlons....except that my tricky sacro-iliac joint rules out cycling.

But my accomplishment, if you can call it that, was more than matched by Betsy's -- she ran it with a double jogging stroller, and she hadn't even planned to run it! Not easy pushing 45 pounds of children, not to mention the stroller itself, and not having even intended to do it! Betsy's suggested that we try running at Rancho San Antonio before, and I always balked because, I repeat, I am not a runner...but it might be worth trying.

Oh yeah, it didn't occur to me to think about time, even though this was a race! Sonia told me later that I ran it in (under?) 28 minutes. Calibration for the next one?! I am NOT a runner!

Photos below!

One goofy comment about photos, but I hope there are other ladies out there who understand...: I have to admit, I had an odd vanity moment while choosing what to wear. I knew I'd be scrapbooking the pictures, and wanted a nice bright cheery color for the photos. But I absolutely love this "textured muscle tank" from Athleta -- it's light, soft, long, fits great...and it's dark brown. I almost chose a different tank, but then thought: Come ON! I always chooses function over form. The brown tank is perfect.

But later, I got a validation from an unlikely source: my husband. Dave said very sweetly that I looked great, but he'd have liked to see me in a brighter color for this grandiose event. He's right! What am I doing wearing earth tones on Easter?! Such a fashion faux pas. (p.s. note: Athleta seems to have discontinued this tank top; I remember now that I ordered the brown because it was the only color available. Too bad, I LOVE it.)

Now, time for a hot bath.

#276 and co-pilot checked in and ready to go! Errr...does anyone know where we're actually running?

Helen, me and Betsy before the race, surrounded by our sons. Helen is another 2004 double-boy-Mom (as Sonia, Betsy and I are), but she's such a trained athlete that this was barely a warmup for her. She was gone within seconds of the start.

Gabriel checks out the Big Bunny, which Julian, like many kids, was afraid of.

Katrina and the Bunny.

Surveying the competition.

Stretching nervously while chatting with Helen and Sonia.

Just about to start!

On your mark...get set...GO! (They really say that! With help from an air horn.) And they're off!

Sprinting to the finish line

Me, Betsy and Sonia afterward. We did it!

I'm still not so sure about running, but I definitely liked being part of this event and having such terrific friends to do it with. What fun!


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