Saturday, April 07, 2007

4/7/07 Katrina's first high chair

This morning we all went to Bobbi's for a late breakfast. Katrina hasn't been there since being a tiny sleeping newborn! She loved it. All kids do.

She was happy sitting in the stroller for much of the time, but then got tired of that, so we tried her in a high chair for a few minutes. She seems to have the strength to sit up, but not the balance, so the chair supported her enough that she could sit in fine.

She really, really wants to sit up and look around, and got a big kick out of this new perspective.

Katrina loves being entertained by her brothers -- no one can make her laugh like they can. But it goes both ways, too. Here she is attempting to grab a spoon, to no end of amusement of the boys.

Of course the table itself was tasty too.

The boys were determined not to give me a good picture, so made faces instead of smiling. Little did they know how cute they were being anyway!

But they couldn't resist my sudden "blahp!" sounds.

Gabriel's chicken legs look even skinnier in his soccer socks.

More mini-naps from baby this afternoon. Agh! Good thing she's so cute. And, for the most part, agreeable. Just needs a lot of attention is all. Which I'm quite happy to provide during the day.


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