Sunday, April 01, 2007

4/1/2007 Camera crash

I've made a shocking decision. Shocking for me, anyway.

Today is the last day I will post a blog entry. It's just too much to keep up with every day, and I don't seem capable of writing and summarizing just once a week. I have to break this blog habit. It torments me. I need it, but it controls me. It's not so much blogging per se, but my lifelong relentless urge to write. It's a demon that's time has come to be conquered. And this will be the first step. I'll leave this blog up for a few weeks, and then that's it.

Camera crisis! Again!!

The day I got my new Canon Powershot SD700 IS, with its slim and smooth design, I handed it to Dave -- and it promptly squirted out of his hands and clattered onto the floor. "Damn!" he exclaimed, picked it up, and then dropped it again. "PUT MY NEW CAMERA DOWN!!" I demanded. The camera was fine, and since has withstood much abuse.

Until this afternoon, when it met with what I appears to be its untimely demise. I dropped it with the lens open, and the lens took a direct hit. After that, it won't open or close the lens properly, and the photos are bleached and covered with striations. I'll ask first thing tomorrow about fixing it, but I have a feeling I'm in for another new one. Drat!!!!

Steph told me today that my niece Remi LOVES watching videos of her baby cousine Katrina, so I'll be putting up a lot more Katrina videos for her. Here's Katrina this morning, "reading" the Sunday Funnies with Dave. That's Julian at the end of the clip saying, "don't eat the newspaper!"

Wouldn't it be nice if Gabriel and Julian -- and Katrina -- could see videos and photos of their Eastern cousins too? Steph commented today that Remi was being very cute, and I said, "I can only imagine!"

Here is the last photo my sister sent me -- in March 2006. I have more recent photos that I took myself of Aidan and Remi last summer. (OK, there was the Christmas video of Remi dropping an instrument that the boys think is hilarious, but that's not the same thing.) Steph's life is packed, so don't harass her often for this lapse in visual communication -- until now that is. Perhaps this public humiliation will prompt her to send me pictures!! Ironically, my sister is a photographer and has an excellent SLR camera, and her husband is also an excellent photographer (and chef....oh, if only!!).

I told Gabriel and Julian today that the Engels are coming to visit in July, and ran through the list of the whole family. When I got to Andreas, Gabriel said with delight, "Uncle Andreas knows a lot about bugs!"

Today Dave hauled three pickup-loads full of JUNK to the dump. Yay! The boys took turns going with him, as there is no higher honor than getting to ride with Dad to the dump in the pickup.

Meantime, I took Katrina on a short jog around the neighborhood. I ran probably less than a mile, but it was hard to do. I think running outdoors is harder than on a treadmill, as there's wind, surface and elevation changes and all these other factors. However, in many ways, it is more enjoyable, especially when I can look down at the jogging stroller and see my baby's feet wiggling around.

This afternoon, Katrina spent some time lying on the floor playing. I thought I'd try a new angle to capture her...I don't know if this works, but I happened to get her losing her keys above her head, groping for the, finding them, and losing them again. Just like me with my keys.

Katrina tried sitting up briefly, but even this quick attempt at a photo resulted in a tipover.

She's still sort-of content lying on her back and kicking her feet around, for now.

Then Gabriel came in and hovered over her, playing. Though this often makes me nervous, since he'll do things like try to brush her eyelashes with his filthy fingers, he's really very tender and sweet to her. And she absolutely adores him.

Though Dave and I did a lot of work this weekend, it felt like a real weekend. Perhaps because of the work.


p.s. APRIL FOOLS! Of course I'm not stopping the blog!! The demon lives on!

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