Friday, April 06, 2007

4/6/07 Katrina's spoons

Dave had the day off today, and all kids were in daycare/preschool/pre-K this morning. Yay!

You'd think this would have been a good opportunity to have a nice leisurely breakfast together or something, but my prime #1 goal was to catch up on sleep. Katrina, once again, up twice last night, and after the second time, didn't go right back to sleep. I'm building a serious sleep debt, and I'm hating life again. This has to change. So our time windfall was spent with me napping away the morning, and waking up needing more.

I tried feeding Katrina again today, this time when she was in a better mood, and it went pretty well. She might even have swallowed a few drops this time!

Still, at this stage, it's all about getting used to the process, and to that end, we succeeded. I gave her a spoon to play with so she could get used to the feel of it in her mouth, and she loved that.

She's quickly developed the technique of closing her mouth firmly juuust as the spoon arrives, but I managed to beat her to the punch this time.

My "training" goal for today was to rest, since tomorrow is the Big Bunny Fun Run (!). However, I was so desperately tired on Thursday, not to mention busy, that I didn't get to work out at all. So Thursday became my "rest" day (whatever "rest" means when you have a baby who doesn't sleep through the night and hardly naps...oh yeah not to mention the two brothers), and instead today became a workout day.

It's like cramming for a test. I've run exactly twice since deciding to run in this 5K. Not exactly a rigorous training schedule! But it's a perfect, low-key, fun event to try my hand -- er, feet -- in running.


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