Saturday, April 14, 2007

4/14/07 Gabriel and Julian Pump it Up

A rainy day -- perfect for a fun birthday party at Pump It Up, a huge indoor place with inflatable play structures: jump houses, slides, obstacle courses.

Julian would have nothing to do with it at first, scared of the large inflatables and the noise.

He got over it though, especially when there was cake involved!

Gabriel disappeared quickly and mostly played hard the whole time.

And I got to be there baby-free! This gave me time to play with the boys, in theory, though as usual I spent most of the time yakking.

Katrina and Dave did great together. She'd napped until about 11am this morning, I nursed her, handed her off to Dad, and scooted the boys into the car for the party. Later, Dave reported that he fed her and put her down without a peep at 1pm, then she took a 2-1/2 hour nap. Yay baby! Now that's napping! (I know that introducing solids isn't supposed to affect sleep, but she has been napping a heck of a lot better lately.)

We all went to Midori for dinner, something we haven't tried since Katrina was a sleepy(ish) newborn. I brought a booster chair and food for her, and went between playing and feeding her, and scarfing sushi. Other than a little row with Gabriel, it all went swimmingly. Katrina is loving this new phase of life: sitting up well enough to sit in high chairs, and eating food. As usual, her brothers are constant source of entertainment, and they provided this nicely at the restaurant.

I've been struggling with this migraine again, and was very anxious to run and work out at the Y tonight. But they close much earlier on Saturdays, and I had to drive away from the empty, dark parking lot in deep disappointment. Don't they know?! I have children!! Can't they be open late for me?! Can't something in my life revolve around me?! The nerve!

OK, rant over.

I'm looking forward to a nice unscheduled Sunday, with lots of napping planned.


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