Sunday, April 15, 2007

4/15/07 To the hills

I was in the mood to test myself running outdoors today, on an unpaved trail. That and the fact that the Y's Childwatch closed at 12:30, and our usual big Sunday breakfast had us running much too late to make it there.

That meant taking Katrina in the single jogging stroller somehwere, since Dave was working hard putting and throwing away some leftover construction stuff in our yard, including a trip to the dump. (I'm beside myself! It looks so much better!)

I didn't want to circle Rancho San Antonio's parking lot in the usual frustrating weekend search for parking, so asked my longtime pal Paul to show me his favorite trail at the nearby Fremont Older Space Preserve. I figured we'd hike it, though he usually mountain-bikes it, and I'd see if it was suitable for running. He wasn't so sure it would even be good for hiking with a stroller, since it's steep and narrow. But, lacking any other ideas on short notice, I figured I'd try it.

First thing I did upon arrival was circle the parking lot looking for parking. Now really. Don't I know by now that if parking is hard in one place, it's bound to be just as hard in a similar, nearby place?! Then Paul had to look for parking too. I guess it's a good thing that outdoor resources in the Bay Area are so popular.

Turns out, steepness wasn't an issue, but narrowness definitely was -- especially since the trails are also used by mountain bikes. An oncoming mountain bike flying around a blind corner would have to make a quick stop for a jogging stroller to move over. There was no way a double stroller would have made it, and even with the single, there were some dropoffs that would have concerned me if I were the acrophobic type. In the end, it looks like a great place for a challenging run, when I'm ready for challenging runs, but not with any sort of jogging stroller.

Still, views were lovely, though Katrina missed the best parts with a curtailed afternoon nap. She didn't make so much as a mew the entire hike, mostly just looking around. It was a much rougher hike than any of my babies in strollers have endured, but, she had no problem.

I'm delighted to report that last night, I only nursed Katrina once, around 4am. She did wake up crying around midnight, and when I checked her, she had no blankets on, and her ankles were freezing. So I picked her up, held her (I'm such a sucker for punishment; I still hold out hope that some day she'll relax on my shoulder and actually sort of hug me back instead of rigidly trying to escape), sniffed her bottom, and then put her back down, this time wrapping her up in the blankets. She was asleep before I got back to bed. Around 4am, she nursed like her life depended on it.

I was up anyway, enduring another awful night of sleep, due to a new reason: my eyes contracted whatever Gabriel had last week: red, goopy, itchy eyes. But mine got worse than I've seen anyone's so far, with puffiness all around, especially my eyelids. I woke up numerous times last night with tears streaming down my face. Fortunately, I have a prescription antibiotic from a previous episode, and that seems to be helping. Today my eyes are clear, but the puffiness remains. I look absolutely awful.

But even though I had to get up twice last night to pry my goop-dried eyes open, there was a new sensation: normal. That is, my head wasn't pounding. I was really tired this morning, but my head was clear. I'd actually started to forget what it was like for the worst thing about mornings is seeing yourself in the mirror.

Next week: spring break! Meaning: Tonya's closed! I get to really be a full-time mom now!


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